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It’s no secret that the world has embraced all things digital since the birth of the internet as we know it. Let see how many people are online worldwide, and how your Higher Education Institute/business can benefit of those people in a still-booming digital trend.

To give you an idea of the explosion of online usage over the last 15 years, consider this: In 2000, about 361 million people were online worldwide. In 2014, there were over 3 billion. That’s a growth rate of 764%! Today in 2017 nearly half the world is online.

Middle Eastern are so connected that they have an average of 1 mobile subscriptions each, that’s more than one mobile line per person! No matter which device they use, on average, people spend over 1,900 minutes per month online—that’s over 30 hours! So what are they doing with all that time online? And how can your Higher Education Institute/business tap into this opportunity?

Many of these digitally connected people are looking for information to find out more about service providers like your Higher Education Institute or business. Online video has also seen triple-digit growth in the last five years, with millions everyday watching video on social sites or via websites such as Youtube. And people are spending hours socialising and sharing—nearly a third of their time spent online is on social media sites. If you’re a Public/Private Higher Education Institute or business, all these people doing all these things online presents loads of potential for you.

And as time goes on, people will continue to use the Internet in even more ways that will impact your Higher Education Institute or business. It’s been truly a modern miracle to witness how the Internet has transformed our daily lives in such a short span of time. In every country, in every region, across the globe, the world has made a fundamental and profound shift to digital. This is an opportunity any Public/Private Higher Education Institute or business can embrace.

Connect with us and we’ll show you how this can be right for you. At .aca we believe in the power of the digital world and can put you on the highway to a digital presence with global impact. Our company run by people with direct hand in the most successful approved e-Smart strategy in the the region. At .aca we know the know-how!

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