The emerging higher education market in Iraq and in Kurdistan Region in particular has create the needs for rapid development of the education industry and increase the demand for quality education. At .aca a series of niche commercial services provided to support you with your institution’s endeavour. The .aca provide services to facilitate the infrastructure and staff training to mobiles your institute for the journey.

We know how digital has transformed our daily lives. The .aca is a direct response to mobilise you through this transformation, let’s get practical. What do the growing number of online opportunities actually look like for your Public/Private Higher Education or business?

Unlike other consulting companies, at .aca, we possess operations experience in higher education institute and great knowledge of regional market. Our associates are well versed in all aspects of higher education marketing and needs as well as digital presence concepts. We pride ourselves on our proven track record for successfully bring up the top university in the region and well as first fully listed Scientific Journal in Iraq History.  Sense .aca concept for trend in the digital world.

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