Google Workspace

Elevate education with simple, flexible and secure tools with Google Workspace for Education

Make collaboration easier, streamline instruction and keep your learning environment secure with Google Workspace for Education.

As a premium educational software provider, Google Workspace aka G-suite for Education offers an expanded portfolio of education solutions providing more choice and control to K-12 districts and Higher Education institutes.

The new Google Workspace for Education solutions include four editions that provide flexibility yet ensure a best-in-class experience for students and staff.

Why make the move to Google Workspace?

So Google Workspace can be installed across multiple devices; offers anytime, anywhere access to boost collaboration and productivity; provides tools you and your colleagues are already familiar with and as a monthly subscription-based solution it’s easy to plan and budget around.

What’s more there are three versions of Google Workspace available, so you can choose a plan that meets the needs of your enterprise exactly.

Google Workspace provide your institute with

From on any device, at any time and from anywhere for complete flexibility

You and your team can work with the software applications (such as professional G Mail) you are probably already familiar with, so there’s no need for additional training

Unlimited storage
Google Workspace offers enterprise-grade security and compliance, so you can choose it with confidence and peace of mind

High levels of availability
So you and your team can work with maximum efficiency and effectiveness

Boosts collaboration
Your people can each work on the same documents at the same time, in real time; there’s also an in-built chat system your team can use for easier communications

Scale and grow
It’s quick, easy and convenient to scale Google Workspace, so it can evolve as your business needs change

Make one monthly-based subscription payment and only pay for the options you need and use

Easy management and administration
All from one single screen with the Google Workspace Admin Console, including adding new users and groups, managing devices and configuring security settings.

.aca make your move to Google Workspace outstanding

.aca team of Google Workspace experts can migrate your educational organisation to Google Workspace from any legacy platform you’ve been using – quickly, easily and at your convenience.

With the experience of countless successful migrations to call upon, there are few problems we haven’t already solved with such projects, so you can choose the platform and our team with complete confidence.

And being as Google Workspace is cloud based, migrating to it offers you some significant additional benefits above and beyond those already listed which include:

  • Freeing up space on your in-house servers for other uses giving your people complete freedom of movement, so they can work anywhere and enhance their business/life balance
  • The chance to shrink the footprint (and costs) of your premises because your team’s desks are anywhere they can access Wi-Fi
  • Your cross organisational collaboration become a culture of working and connection
  • Zero capital expenditure on new hardware

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Enterprise and G Suite for Education are dead. Long live Google Workspace  for Education